About Us

ArtChain is a professional working group relying on the knowledge and expertise of a group of experienced artists and experts in the field of technology and creation of artistic works and research. The emphasis of this group is on using the experience of experts in recognizing valuable works of art and effective communication with artists and audiences of works of art.


ArtChain's vision is to create an innovative space to connect artists and art lovers and to discover emerging talents around the world.


ArtChain's mission is to create a dynamic space and use modern technologies, especially blockchain knowledge, for the purpose of security in presenting works of art and supporting artists and visual arts enthusiasts.


Our goal is to supply original and valuable works using new technologies, in order to register works or change their ownership and conduct interactions and transactions around the world in a secure and decentralized manner. Recognizing and introducing emerging artists and talents to art lovers and buyers is another goal of ArtChain Group.


Hamid Erfanian Parsa, the founder of ArtChain Group, a university lecturer and the author of the book Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Knowledge, is also one of the enthusiasts and collectors of works of art who, considering his expertise in the field of management and combination of technology in the supply of works of art and especially the property rights of works, has started his activities with the aim of registering and selling works on the blockchain platform and in a decentralized manner.


ArtChain hopes to be able to take effective steps with the cooperation of artists and art lovers in order to create new mechanisms with the aim of developing the quality of art works and improving the economy of art and culture.